Geolocalisation-telephonelocalisation de telephone portable: Ideal Way to Track Phones

What is Geolocation?

Geolocation is the process of identifying the location of any GPS enabled adevice which has internet connectivity. It may be a mobile phone or a computer which is connected to theinternet. Through this process, you can find out the coordinates where your device is currently present. These coordinates are so accurate that they will give you the exact streetaddress.

For finding the geographical coordinates such system often uses radio frequency. But there are times when the GPS is not available then such system can use the signals from cell towers in order to identify the location. However, this method is not as accurate as the previous one, but it has been continuously improving day by day.

Mobile phone geolocation is performed with the help of IP address, MAC address, GPS, IMEI number or with the help of any other special identity of the device which is unique only to that particular device. localisation de telephone portable is one of the major geolocation service providers which are available in the present times.

Techniques for Geolocation

The Various techniques available for geolocation are:-

Geocoder– in this method geolocation is carried out with the help of geocoding software which helps to pinpoint the location of a device on a vector map with very high level of accuracy.

Satellite – the GPS function of a mobile phone or any other device uses the satellite for the purpose of showing locationto the user, and the same function is used to locate the device by tracing the signal back. The location is shown in the form of latitude and longitude which is the most accurate form of location.

GSM– under this method the location of a device is traced with the help of GSM towers of a particular company whose sim card was used in the device. The accuracy is not so high; it can rangeto several thousand kilometres depending on the availability of the towers.

Importance of geolocation

The mobile phones and other devices are extremely costly in today’s time. It is not possible for a person to buy a new one in case the previous device is lost or stolen. Because ofthe increased prices of these devices, the stealing has also increased. So it is very important to be able to locate a lost device. Otherwise, you would be afraid to buy a costly device. Here it shows the importance of geolocation in today’s time.

Service providers

There are several service providers who are capable of providing geolocation services. They guarantee you fast service. They have even launched applications to help you in locating your device directly.



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