Service de localisation mobile geolocalisation-telephone

Now locate mobile phones without any hassle with the above-mentioned site. Just provide the phone number of the device that you want to track, and the rest of the work will be done by the site’s tracking algorithm. It can track devices or phones of any brand even phones and with any operator.

You can also stalk someone you know with the help of this site without getting caught. Your identity will stay completely anonymous. Although there are some constraints viz. the device must have an internet connection, its GPS setting must be on, it must stay within the network coverage of the operator etc.

To obtain portable geolocation following steps needs to be followed

  1. Enter the phone number of the device that you want to locate or the person’s phone that you want to track. They will also ask for your name and email address, but that’s optional.
  2. You can geolocate any device absolutely free. No payment will be asked from you.
  3. Click on “locate a device”.
  4. After an anti-robot test, you can access their portable geolocation panel.
  5. Enjoy their service which keeps you 100% anonymous and gives a quick

Service de localisation mobile

  • The location service provided by these kinds of sites is totally portable.
  • Their geolocalisation supports all kinds of service providers.
  • With their feature of “geolocation phone,” they are able to track any brand of phone viz. Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Sony etc.
  • Their locating feature is absolutely free of cost and provides an accurate
  • This locating work is carried out according to legislation. Their service requires prior authorization of the users.

How does this site protect the user’s personal information?

They are committed to keeping your personal information safe. It is in their terms and conditions itself about not revealing your identity while you track some else’s location. It’s under the Privacy Policy and the Location-Based Privacy Policy. All the information that you provide is encrypted using SSL encryption system on the server side. Their privacy policy also states that they can never give away, rent or sell any user’s private information to anyone else under any circumstances.

Can this site help to track lost or stolen phones?

The site can also do that, but provided the phone must be registered with their service before it is being stolen. But then the tracking system works based on permission. It is mostly used for family location service.



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